Victoria's Light

Light and Airy

The accepted way to shoot Portra is on the plus side.  It gives a beautiful light and airy feeling to the images.  To the best of my knowledge (relatively confident) these images were shot with a Konica Hexar AF.  I like this camera very much.  It is light, has a great lens and auto-focus is accurate.   Getting away from my lazy ways of late, I developed these and the last post at home.  I used the Cinestill C-41 kit, and the related bath heater they have produced.  The heater works better than other kitchen type ones I have tried, it is more powerful so the water heats quickly, but the temperature on the unit does not agree with my Weston thermometer.  The Weston shows the digital reading from the Cinestill is off by 3 degrees.  I’m not sure what reading is correct.  I went with the Weston and increased the digital reading so the Weston read 102F.

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