Film Washi

My first roll (35mm) was a complete comedy show from all the mistakes I made.  This one had its share of travails also.  I do like these images, shot with a Rollei 2.8F.  They were made with Film Washi paper film.  I really like how the striations of the paper show through and it is wonderful to revel in imperfection.

2 thoughts on “Film Washi

    1. lasousa2015 says:

      Thanks Jeff. It was a comedy of errors. I just got a new shipment in. The film is rolled on to the special reel using a plasticene shield, separating the film from itself. Imagine having to take a piece of wet paper and hanging it to dry. Drying it flat is an option but the paper is so thin I am afraid it will mar the emulsion. I dried it with the plastic sheet attached and a lot of the frames stuck to the plastic. They way to get the film off to hang it is dipping the whole bit in water and lifting it out from there. A real challenge.


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