Napatree Point — Another Nils Karlson Locale

I drove today to Napatree Point.  I have only been to this place one time.  We sailed here from Bristol and anchored in Little Narragansett Bay that shows in the background in images of the osprey nest and #5 dune marker.  Little Narragansett Bay’s entry is a channel that traverses around the shallow center of the harbor.   I gave my dear wife the helm to get the anchor ready.  I was toiling away on the anchor when I looked up and could see the whites of a fisherman’s eyes standing on the channel rip rap (think big rocks).  I turned to the helm and my wife was looking into the harbor with social sugar plums dancing in her head.  I ran to the stern and grabbed the helm and the boat just grazed the rocks.  We ended up with a small scrape on the side of the boat.  The ocean never forgets!  But I digress.

Napatree Point is a beautiful spot.  Unfortunately I did not have time to visit the abandoned fort or explore Watch Hill Light shown in the background of some images.

If Nils and crew are up for a scenic ride this summer, we can shoot here then enjoy the quaint village of Watch Hill.  If we are bored, we can paparazzi at Taylor Swift’s house and maybe bring home some trophy images :]

The polarizing filter I used annoyingly has a magenta cast.  If I use it again (doubtful) I’ll have to compensate with in camera color correction.  I can’t stomach taking the time to fix this in software.

I walked the entire beach – it is at least one mile from end to end – and lost my lens hood (ugh) and my tripod fell off of my camera bag (thankfully retrieved and brought to me by a fellow visitor).  The highlight was meeting Julia and her companion at the very tip of the point, and they posed for a picture for me that was shipped off to them via email just now.

I had a great day, and thank Nils for inspiring me to visit new places so close to home in preparation for this summer’s visit from Germany.  It’s going to be a fantastic time.

The second set of images were shot with a Ricoh GRIII as opposed to a Nikon DSLR that I lugged around for the trip out.  On the way back I shot a roll of Portra, to be developed. At the end I took out this little marvel.  The colors are great even though it was becoming overcast ominous.   Aside from some vignetting, the lens is superb.



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