I am the waveman, coo coo ca choo

I fancy it is getting a bit repetitive, this wave fetish I am jonesing.  These images were shot with a Hasselblad and the nice old 60mm lens that looks like the end of a musket from the days of the Pilgrims’ landing in America.  The process involved some math.  I shot Kodak TriX at ISO 200 and had a deep red filter on the camera so over one stop and under three stops to gray, then decide whether to go for shadows or highlights, highlights here but the rocks held detail too – the wonders of Kodak TriX.  Once I finish shooting what little black and white film I have left, I will only shoot TriX from now on.  I can shoot it in any condition without fear, er, read on.

For those who know me, it’s no surprise I ventured out this far.  The spots I stood on were safe, but the rocks were slippery and required walking with care.


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Husband, dad, photographer, old camera lover, lawyer.

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