Get Your Kicks on Route 77

It is another overcast day today. I love a drive along Route 77 in Tiverton and Little Compton, there are always interesting scenes and things to shoot. I shot a roll of film (Portra 800), and then took some digital images with my Nikon on the return. I have four rolls of film in the bank and will send them to the lab when I am up to at least 6 rolls. The Nikon D850 with 24-70 is a great and versatile kit with outstanding image quality. Today, I deferred to auto-focus since my eyes are having trouble with manual focus. I have shot many times at Alan’s Upholstery shop. The decaying Coupe de Ville has been there for years, and the skeleton that used to reside in the Caddy flipping the Johnny Cash finger is now gone. A new addition is the colorful pickup truck adorned with a Trump flag. I love to visit the antique yard at the junction of Route 77 and Seapowet Road where a World War II scout plane and some other neat objects were found.

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