Harbor, August 13

There is one more image from yesterday of the impressive cloud formation gracing the western sky. I shot a few images today in the boatyard at Bristol Marine. The yard is largely empty now but will soon fill, especially so if a hurricane is forecast. One sailboat remains on the rocks from the last heavy tropical storm. I have my M6 loaded with some Kodak Pro Image 100 and am half way through the roll. I’ve been leaning to the Leica M10 for the instant gratification since I need a jump start after a a creative lull. I absolutely love the 50 mm M Summicron lens. It renders in a pleasing way to my taste. I have a few more images set to hang at Angelina’s Cafe and the existing ones have been well received. It’s nice to have affirmation.

Bristol Marine boatyard, Bristol Harbor
From last night on the harbor. Using a grad nd filter with a Leica rangefinder is difficult. I tried to bring up the foreground in post processing using my limited skills.
The prop on the double-ender Momentary

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