In the Neighborhood

Today was a very lazy day. I have been extremely tired, likely cause by unease from the paranormal pandemic way of life. There is a thirst for normality with scant hope of it being quenched. I took a picture of some Lazy Susans. They are mentioned in the book written about growing up in my house called “An American Girl” by Mary Cantwell. This flower was plentiful in our yard during the Cantwell’s residence. I planted some in the back yard when we moved in 17 years ago, and they bloom annually. I visited my neighbor Martha and told her of the window shade signal Mumzy will use when she moves in next door, letting us know when she is up for visiting. Martha told me this has been a neighborhood tradition for many decades, once used as a means for the elderly to let neighbors know they were well. We went to dinner at a Sushi restaurant on the harbor and on the way I spotted a great scene of a man and his dog. Finally, I took some shots of the harbor. The light was very nice following a passing thunderstorm.

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