I shot these with my Toyo 4×5. It was as spur of the moment as shooting in this method can be. Unfortunately I think I smudged the negatives with a fingerprint either when loading or removing the film so I had to do some editing in photoshop. Because of movement in the surrounding plants from wind, I had to crop it some also. I probably could add a vignette, but I don’t want to fiddle with the image too much. I added a slight amber tint in Lightroom to one because I like the retro feel it gives to the image, but it looks great in black and white. Yes, these are digitized negatives, but they retain the trademark look of a beautiful film image. I hope to print one in the darkroom. I believe I exposed one at 1/30 and the other at 1/60. I used F8 or F 5.6, can’t recall.

I must admit having some anxiety taking the images. I set up the focus beforehand and had some trouble using a loupe doing so.

Categories: Cafes, Film, Large Format, Portraits, Street Portraits


Husband, dad, photographer, old camera lover, lawyer.

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