RicohGR III Nisi Filter System, Images

My GR III arrived from its repair at Precision Camera in Connecticut. The repair process with this shop was very prompt. I am very disappointed the GR III required such a costly ($302) repair after only a year of very light use with no justification for the repair (no drops, etc.) other than a manufacturing issue. The shutter had to be completely overhauled. This is a cautionary tale for anyone thinking of purchasing this camera.

That aside, it is a pleasure to shoot with. The image quality is very high and its small size encourages it not being a closet queen.

Nisi Filter System

This image was shot using the camera specific Nisi push on filter system, specifically a .9 Grad ND. There was not much cloud cover to speak of, but what there was was retained. I was able to preserve detail in the foreground using the filter. The filter system contains small rectangular optical glass. The filters slide in to the push on holder that can be rotated. Care must be exercised using the system. The filters have a tendency to fall out of the holder and with the wrong landing spot, it’s curtains for certains. Mine luckily fell onto the grass. It’s nice to have the flexibility of the filter system as an adjunct to the built in global ND filter in the GR III. It will be neat to try the full ND filter for long exposure images.

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