Around Town

Yesterday was a blustery but beautiful day in Bristol.

2 thoughts on “Around Town

  1. Tobias Mann says:

    These photos tell a fantastic story. In need to get out of the house more often and just shoot. The candids in particular are my favorite. I’m new here so I’m not familiar with what you’re shooting with. I see that you often pick up film, which is a particular favorite medium of mine.

    1. lasousa2015 says:

      Hi Tobias, I appreciate it very much. I’m sort of out here on an internet island. I post to the blog as a diary of sorts. As far as gear, the easier answer is what I am not shooting! The majority of my shots are taken with a Leica M10 and varietal lenses. Right now, I just finished a roll in an M6, and in a Nikon SLR have a roll of hand rolled 1990 vintage Agfa APX 100 that was given to me by a neighbor who always stored it in the freezer. It is my first attempt with bulk loaded film and if this roll turns out ok I am good on black and white film supply for a while – I was given 300 feet of film. I hope to jump-start a 4×5 portrait project and have the first few volunteers to follow the one image I have taken of Chelsea that appears on my blog. I hope to have an article on my portrait session with Chelsea (it took all of 10 minutes!) published on 35mmc soon. I am a member of the international Film Shooters Collective, but have not been very active there. Keep in touch and kind regards, Louis.


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