Braving the cold with raj

My good friend Raj Mohan visited today from New York. It was an enjoyable day. For the better part of most days I am alone. It was good to spend quality time with a friend, especially a fellow photographer. Raj and I met through the Film Shooters Collective. His first visit to Rhode Island was to experience Bristol’s Fourth of July Parade. Prior to that we hadn’t met in person. One does not know to expect when meeting someone new in this way, but in the case of Raj I met a fine man. We started out the day at Point Judith Light. I knew it was going to be windy, but didn’t anticipate the cold. It was bone chilling and knee knocking. It is the one and only time I have appreciated wearing a Covid mask, the mask shielded my face from the biting winds. As usual, I scampered among the jagged rocks of the New England shore, an activity Raj was reticent about. The thought crossed my mind as I navigated the icy ascents and descents that I should have Raj along more often. If I take a tumble, I have instant medical help! I shot a roll of TriX at the Lighthouse and our next stop the Galilee fishing port. We then traveled to Newport where we observed the progress of Coronet’s restoration. Coronet is a splendid yacht built in New York in the early 1900’s. Newport’s International Yacht Restoration School has rebuilt the hull to original specifications from the ribbing out, and the hull is now entirely encased in a skin of thick oak. Remnants of the old girl remain strewn about the catwalk. There are old wooden blocks, upholstered chairs, the ship’s piano, metal work, and other such things. We ended the day at a quirky antique yard, the home of odd statues and other parts from old homes. It was a fine day, one of companionship that is a rarity in these times. All of these images were shot with the Nikon D850 and the beautiful Zeiss 35mm F 1.4 lens. This lens renders with intense colors and contrast. I shot companion raw and black and white .jpgs, and many of the pairs are shown.

2 thoughts on “Braving the cold with raj

  1. rajmohan says:

    Lovely images and an entertaining account of a wonderful day. Thank you, Lou!


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