Canada geese

Canadian Geese are abundant here. I got out late today, so the birds were on siesta. Long lens photography is giving me fits.

2 thoughts on “Canada geese

  1. rajmohan says:

    Nice symmetry between the 2 birds and their reflections, Lou.

  2. lasousa2015 says:

    Thank you Raj. The geese were between 80-100 yards away. For me the lens is soft at the long end. Butch gets sharper images with this Panasonic 100 – 400 than with his best full frame Canon push pull pro lens. I did make progress today using back button focus and tuning the finder to eyeglasses. Without glasses I was finding the birds with the specs on, taking them off, and when I brought the camera back to the eye the subjects would be gone! I am inclined to use my gimbal head but dread carrying a tripod around. For birds in motion the long end of the lens is F 6.3 so even in sunlight I have to raise the ISO to achieve acceptable shutter speeds. Focus tracking is very distracting to me, and I am not sure how good it works on this camera (Panasonic GH5, an older model). I will soldier on and practice more tomorrow. It is supposed to warm up this week and that will be good. L.


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