Pentax 645 NII, TriX@200

This is another test roll as I learn how to best use this camera. There are no images of particular strength, however I am impressed by the detail garnered from the 75mm F 2.8 lens. I developed these in the usual HC 110, Dilution B for 5.75 minutes at 68F. Agitated every 30 seconds for the first 3 minutes, then every minute until end. As far as post processing goes, there were minimal changes, about one quarter stop of exposure and +1 contrast. The negatives contain the camera settings, something useful since I was unaware the camera was in spot metering mode. This mode worked for the flowers, but on the shot of the old dock pilings with the sailboat in the background, not so well (I had to mess with the blacks and whites more on that image). The lens focuses quite close the subject, a great characteristic.

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