At the Audubon

I enjoyed a steamy hot morning with Butch Lombardi and Raj Mohan at the Audubon Center in Bristol, Rhode Island today. I missed the best shot of the day, a beautiful Osprey soaring with a fish in its talons. I was carrying a big rig D 500 and long lens on my monopod a good setup for when I’m stationery but not a good setup for quick shots. The Osprey images were taken from a long distance and cropped quite substantially. Unfortunately I had my ISO set to 2500 (unknowingly) so the image quality is not great, but pleasing regardless. Regardless, it is always fascinating to wander the woods with Butch. I am fascinated by ospreys. Bird activity is waning now that the mating season is over. We had quite a stir at the end of the walk. A hawk meddled its way into a bluebird nest and was feasting and a gaggle of blue jays bravely gathered around and raised quite a racket before the hawk left, surely sated. I’ll meet Butch to photograph the fireworks in Bristol this weekend, weather permitting.

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