A Long morning with jch streetpan

This set was shot using JCH Streetpan. It was a very sunny day and I underexposed the images. The roll was shot a few months ago, and I am not sure if the underexposure was intentional. I used a Nikon F6, so it is likely I had the ISO mismatched. I used a very weak solution of HC 110 (1:79) and may have agitated too much – this being my first try with dilution H – the true cause of the skinny negatives will forever remain an unknown. Despite the very weak density of the negatives, they ended up holding their own. The roll was an exercise in scanning frustration, the first 18 images were full of dust (among other things from not cleaning off the negative holder). I cleaned the holder, and swiped the film off gently with Pec Cleaner and a Pec Cloth and used the dust removal tool in my scanning software and rescanned those 18. The process removed most of the dust with the downside being loss of bite to the images from Silverfast’s dust removal tool in some cases. These were some of the thinnest negatives I have developed in a long time but they still turned out to be passable. The lens used was the superb Nikon 135mm DC lens. Oh, I truly am an acupuncture dedicate!

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