Another Starry Night

A feeble attempt at shooting the Milky Way. I used Micro Four Thirds and, from a combination of my lack of system familiarity and the camera’s weakness at high ISO, the images suffered. Next time I will used the Nikon D850 and a fast lens. I had to work more than I like to post process the star images.

1 thought on “Another Starry Night

  1. kali66nz says:

    yes you need a fast lens and high iso to be able to get stars as points rather than streaks. Star shots always need a lot of post processing, that’s an art in itself. The ambient light can be a hindrance but i think it gives a lot of interesting colour in the final photos. you could look into the ETTR method of slightly overexposing the RAW file and bringing it back in post processing it is supposed to be best when there is light pollution .


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