Battleship Massachusetts

She was part of the flotilla that landed America’s first troops entering World War II during the Tunisian landings. She provided covering fire from offshore for the landings, enduring artillery fire from the French on-shore. She is now berthed in Fall River serving as a living museum.

I am reading a wonderful trilogy by Rick Atkinson about the American experience in World War II. The trilogy is highly recommended. A takeaway for me is how immense our country’s industrial capacity in a war footing became. Before reading the trilogy, I had a different impression of the German might. Once America entered the war, and once its military became battle hardened, there was no question of the outcome.

On a photography note, I used a cheapish grad nd filter for making this image – I haven’t used one in a long time. This sky was worth capturing with detail. The filter cast was very bad, greenish, and I tried my best to work with it in processing. This was the best my limited skills could muster.

I have been shooting Nikon digital lately, and while I enjoy it, the intense sharpness and the clinical “feel” of the imagery including intense contrast is not to my liking. I will try to work on adjusting the camera settings to bring down the sharpness and soften the colors. I enjoy the native images from Leica digital much better. Perhaps this is because the process is slower and, for me, simpler. Lastly, I am having trouble developing Nikon RAW images in Capture One. This may be from my misuse of the program, but the problem is nagging at the moment.

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