Slide Sally Slide and the Pentax 645NII

I have shot a lot of film in the last several years. Slide film intimidates me, so I have shied from it. To hedge my bets this roll of FujiFilm Velvia 100 was shot with the wonderful Pentax 645II camera. I think I used the 75mm lens, but could be wrong. I should have written down the specs! This camera is a true gem and exposed the scenes with intense light and shadows much better that I could have done. I believe I metered off of a preferred tone and let the camera do the rest of the work. Aside from a Nikon F6, this camera has the most reliable metering system of any automatic film camera that I own or have owned.

The Pentax 645NII is a camera I will continue to use often. I have gotten an absurdly high rate of keepers from this camera. The 645 format is a cousin to traditional 35mm, and this familiarity allows framing the larger negatives intuitively. The only downside from the experience was a faulty film back that would not advance the film properly. A perfectly functioning replacement back’s cost was much lower than a Hasselblad A12 back.

It is easy to shoot, reliable, has a great metering system and a host of great lenses and is highly recommended!

The Dorys shown below are all hand built by Donald Betts of Warren, Rhode Island. He is active in promoting these boats and ships them all over the northeast for use in vintage rowing regattas. They are true works of art that, well, just work!

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