Sunday is a day of rest for the Sakonnet fleet. The port abounds with rusting kedge anchors, used to fix nets to the ocean bottom. From the fish tails and spears nailed to work houses, the favored catch is swordfish and tuna. The gear colors are rich, a functional feature allowing the nets to be spotted for retrieval, and avoidance. I usually go here in the afternoon when there is little activity. Fishermen are morning people. On this day, a flatbed was in the lot, loaded to transport several huge anchors that hadn’t moved in many years. Perhaps they will be reused, or maybe they will be melted down. There is a “no pix” sign, but the fishermen never bother when I am here with my camera. These were shot with Nikon FM3a and Nikkor 55mm Macro lens, a very sharp lens. Kodak Ektar.


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