Whale Rock

I took two shots of this using my Toyo 4×5. The first shot was wasted from loading the film into the holder backwards. Continuing the theme, I had no idea what film was in the holder so I stand developed in HC 110. I am using this developer until my supply ends and I am almost there. It turns out this was a sheet of Acros. The shadow astride the rock has a strange and distracting shape. Oh well. It was worth the half mile walk to the spot, if only to advance my learning.

The small towers on the islands in the background are remnants from WW II gun placements set to protect the mouth of the Sakonnet River.

I think the image would have been helped from a small amount of forward tilt to better sharpen the rocks in the foreground, even though that was my focus point. I may have missed focus slightly.

Acros 100

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