Iphone Schmiphone

I read a recent post where a camera company executive posited DSLR’s would be replaced by camera phones within 2 years. These images were shot on a dual purpose walk. First, I shot 8 images on a Canon Canonet as part of the 35mmc Traveling Canonet project started by Bob Janes. On the walk back to my car, I shot these. One image I made with the Canonet stands out for demonstrating the difference in experience. I asked a few skateboarders if I could take their picture with the Canonet and explained the project to them. They were very interested and agreed. The shot was in the shade and it was hard to focus using the rangefinder patch. I took the shot, and we exchanged goodbyes. If I had taken the image with my phone, it would have come and gone in an instant and there would have been less connection with the skateboarders.

2 thoughts on “Iphone Schmiphone

  1. Terri says:

    Great shots. I take photos with an iPhone out of convenience (it’s always with me), but I look forward to having time to become proficient with my Lumix.

    1. lasousa2015 says:

      I am sorry it took me so long to reply. I am not adept with WordPress. Thank you for showing interest. I find myself using my phone for video a fair amount. Sometimes, I am amazed at the images I get with my phone. Most times, I see over processing in the phone camera. Regardless, any way to take pictures is a good one. As far as Lumix goes, I have been thoroughly enjoying M43 shooting and have posted a few things recently using such cameras. Kindest regards, Louis.


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