Shooting a living museum with a living museum piece

This weekend is the Herreshoff Classic Boat Regatta. The event is held annually, based from the Herreshoff Marine Museum that is near my home. Yesterday (Friday) a feeder race was held where the fleet raced from Newport to Bristol. After the race many of the boats sidled up to the museum docks for display. Included in the fleet is the Weatherly, a former competitor for the America’s Cup during the Cup’s residence in Newport. She is not a Herreshoff design and sailed majestically at the front of the fleet. For these images I used a Zeiss Super Ikonta folder, a beautiful precision made camera. I have not shot the camera much since having it refurbished. From prior use, the shutter speeds remain a bit slow and I tried to compensate a stop or so but perhaps not enough. The camera still takes wonderful images going on 70 years after it was made in Germany. I used Ilford FP4 and given the overcast conditions, I was able to traverse the camera’s aperture ring some. I developed the roll in Rodinal 1:100. 20 agitations at the start then 4 agitations at the 30 minute point, one hour total development time. I took 12 images but only got 9 exposures (?), some of which were duplicates….

Gamecock’s Bow
Gamecock’s Helm

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