Providence Stroll 9/2/22

I took my dogs for a walk in downtown Providence yesterday and once again used my old Zeiss Super Ikonta folder. This time I tried it with a yellow filter hoping to get a bit more contrast. The more I dive into film, the more I learn there are many facets to the character of an image aside from the camera and film, especially the manner of development of the film. Again, I employed the lazy man’s development method of semi-stand development in Rodinal. Using this film and development method, there is pronounced grain and it appears there is some bromide drag in one shot. I was hoping I did well to capture the young woman who posed for me. I wish I had gotten in closer. And I wish I had the courage to take a few more shots in different poses. When I take impromptu portraits like this, I am nervous and I have to learn to engage more and perhaps take another image or two. She was very nice and I promised to send her the picture. I like shooting with this camera. The only niggle is the viewfinder is small and hard to manage with my glasses on.

City Looking North
RiverWalk Bench and Shadows
Dance Lessons on the Bridge

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