Where has the time gone?

This is a picture (iphone pic of a photo print) of me from the late 1990’s, probably on a cruise to who knows where. We surely had the kids in tow, car seats, cribs, bags of dirty diapers and were accompanied by our best friends on their boats. Those were the best of times. My hair today shoots from the hat in gray instead of black. I am so glad to be back on the water in our new Alerion 28 bearing Victoria’s name. Victoria and Marguerite and Emily loved going on the cruises, and they loved and love one another. Cathy and I enjoyed fabulous times with the Millards, Joe and Gail, Matt and his family and so many others.


2 thoughts on “Where has the time gone?

  1. dolors8 says:

    You don’t look like you have aged at all from then. You have had a great and loving time with more good times to come.❤️


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