Sakonnet point with the looming storm

I traveled to the Point today thinking there would be turbulent seas from the offshore hurricane remnants. Unfortunately (photographically speaking) the wind was coming from the north, so the seas were relatively calm. I made the best of things as they were. I am really enjoying shooting in Micro Four Thirds format. The kit is small and light and capable and the lenses are very good. From what I am reading, phone cameras will, for some people, render dedicated cameras “obsolete” soon. I will not be one of those people. All new cameras rely to some degree on artificial intelligence, the new buzzword in photography, but phones with fixed lenses will, in my view, always do so to an extreme out of necessity. I tried a “newfangle” on a few of these images, using the Olympus camera’s internal ND filter, allowing me alongside the incredible in-body stabilization, to handhold at a 6 stop exposure reduction. This is a useful feature, and there is no color cast which is something I have had trouble with using true ND filters. Most importantly this camera, the OMD M1 renders colors beautifully at a saturation rollback in-camera of -1. It was a good day.

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