darkness from a sardine can

These images were shot with a Lomography La Sardinha camera – it looks like a sardine can. Many of them were unusable but there were a few images that are interesting. The film is Silberra 160 (black and white). Many of the images on the roll were foggy and underexposed – see the last image in the series. The sharpest images in Colt Park occurred when I stood the camera on a pedestal. I think the fogging came in part from leaving the air conditioned car into a humid evening aside from the camera’s limitations. These were shot in the City and in Colt State Park. The City Street image was shown as “color” in LR, and I left it that way.

Dock #2
Lomo Sardine Can in the Fog

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  1. Kathy says:

    And all around nice guy. The pictures are very nice.


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