Madame Spectales

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  1. Geoff says:

    Another interesting photo. If you provided a little background information and details of camera, lens etc it would add to the interest. Thanks

    1. lasousa2015 says:

      Ok Geoff, well here’s some context especially for you. It was shot through my car window, perched atop my steering wheel for stabilization, while at a stop light. I wanted to capture a person in the image, otherwise shooting someone else’s art is less desirable, in my view. When the biker appeared, I took this one shot. I raised the ISO to 3200 earlier in the evening during a walk around the city with no worthwhile images taken. I had taken a test shot in advance and waited for someone to appear in the scene, hoping the light would not turn green! I used a Nikon D850 and had the 85mm G F 1.8 lens mounted to the camera. I have been posting to this blog for a long time. I don’t know that anyone reads much of what I write. Whatever comments I do receive are about the imagery. In the end, my blog is a photographic diary of my life more than anything else. Providence has a very lively arts community and has invested heavily in public art of this kind. The City is replete with beautiful murals funded by various non-profit arts organizations. There is an especially great one adorning the now closed and decrepit Axelrod Music that I have shot many many times, but never producing a shot I am completely happy with. It’s a subject I return to often with a goal of some day capturing an image to be proud of. The Axelrod mural, depicting portraits of Prince, Bowie, Aretha and Queen’s lead singer will soon disappear from the building being renovated. So my time is running short. So there you have it, and thank you for your interest. Louis.


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