Film Photographs

Providence Streets
Kodak Ektachrome, Nikon FM 3A, 105 F 2.5
Kodak Ektachrome, Nikon FM 3A, 105 F 2.5
Kodak Ektachrome, Nikon FM 3A, 105 F 2.5
Film September 2022

Remembering Angelina’s Cafe, Contax T2, TriX
Remembering Angelina’s Cafe, Contax T2, TriX
Contax T2, TriX
Kate and Harley

September 4, 2022 Rolleiflex 2.8F, Ilford Pan F


September 2, 2022 Zeiss Super Ikonta 533/16, Ilford FP4

This camera still performs well!

It’s been a long time!

August 27, 2022, Zeiss Super Ikonta FP4

Weatherly, the 1962 America’s Cup Winner, alongside Dorade

November 13, 2021

Pentax 645 75mm FA Lens


October 20, 2021

Mikolta XD 11, 50mm F 1.4, Portra 400

Old Chevy
Victoria at Groundswell

Nikon FM3a, 55mm Macro, Ektar 100

The End of the Line

Last image

October 16, 2021

Nikon F6, Kodak Proimage 100, Sigma 35mm F 1.4

Little Boy on the Beach
Changing of the Guard, Maine
Old car glory

October 9, 2021

Pentax 645, Fuji Velvia

October 8, 2021

I was gifted a Leica M3 double stroke and 50mm Rigid Summicron by a neighbor. These are from the first roll of Kodak TriX. Having had serious dust issues with the negatives, I wiped these two with PEC 12 Emulsion Cleaner and the dust issues are relieved. The lens did well in bright sunlight. Aside from minor post processing increasing the whites and the highlights some, these are as shot from this beautiful old camera. Images shot in lower light with this kit suffer from a loss of contrast. The shutter speeds at 125 and above seem reasonably accurate. The camera has been sitting for an awfully long time in a leather case. The leatherette is well past its prime. I’ll post a picture of the camera on my main page. Youxin Ye has a 4 month wait for CLA’s, and this camera and lens warrant the work, but I don’t want to send it off until I put it to its paces.

Leica M3, Rigid Summicron, TriX
Leica M3, Rigid Summicron, TriX

October 5, 20121

Pentax Spotmatic F, 35 f 3.5, Kosmo Photo 400


September 23, 2021 Rolls

Nikon F6, Sigma 35 1.4 Portra

Ogunquit Maine
The coast of Ogunquit, Maine, Portra 400. This lens is giving me fits with inconsistent autofocus. It is an expensive MF lens.

Pentax 645

Gondola and haze from the Pacific fires, Providence, RI, Portra 400

Rolleiflex 2.8F

Newport, Rhode Island, Portra 400

September 3, 2001

Ferrania P30, Minolta XD 11, 50mm F 1.4

Providence Mural

August 2021

Rollei 2.8F


August 13, 2021

Rolleiflex 2.8F TriX@200


July 17, 2021, More Images from Pentax 645, TriX, 75mm

More images, all shot with Portra and either the Nikon F6 or the Pentax 645. One detractor with the 645 is that the image dimensions are the same in the lab scans, so determining what camera I used is hard. Images 1, 5, 7, 8 and 10 were made using the F6 and 24 – 70 lens. The others are the 645 and 75mm lens.

This is an amalgamation of color C-41 images shot using the Pentax 645 and Nikon F6. Film ranges from Portra 400 (the most used), Portra 800 (one roll) and Fuji Pro 400 H (one roll). It is a gallery shot mostly this summer (2021) but for some of the images that languished in the F6 from Portra 800 from around Christmas. Those familiar with the different film’s characteristics will be able to tell what stock was used in most cases. Developed by the fantastic Kerry’s Warwick Photo lab, highly recommended.

I used Ansel Adams’ souping on the following, or something akin to it. I used 1:100 developed for 30 minutes. Agitate for the first 30 seconds, then 15 seconds every 3 minutes. This roll was shot at box speed. I quite like the results. Aside from the images of the dory that underexposed the expected shadow detail that Ansel drew from this dilution is evident. Again, I used the Pentax 645NII and 75mm lens, a combination that is immensely enjoyable.

This set was shot using JCH Streetpan. It was a very sunny day and I think I underexposed the images. It was an exercise in scanning frustration, the first 18 images were full of dust. I cleaned the film off with Pec Cleaner and used the dust removal tool in my scanning software. The Pec Cleaner seems to have removed most of the dust. These were some of the thinnest negatives I have developed in a long time but they still turned out to be passable.

This set was shot with TriX @200 with the Pentax 645NII. I believe I used the 75mm lens.

Always neat artifacts in and near the window of this antique shop near my home. Pentax 645, TriX
After a doctor’s visit, I found this man training in a weedy parking lot. I had to crop this one to get rid of the weeds that couldn’t be avoided near the lens. Pentax 645, TriX

I believe the below image was shot with a since sold Contax G2.

Kodak Plus X 125, Long Expired

My friend Suzanne Barnes gave me a box full of expired film.  It is at least 25 years old given the dates on the boxes.   This was a cool roll of Plus X.  The images required some exposure and contrast but came out to a pleasant surprise.  I shot the film at 80 ISO…

The Plus X images end at the black and white chair. What follows is a complete smattering of images, the settings on the post got garbled, but the images are film-based and that is all that matters.

Roll 15 Foma 200 Nikon FM3a Nikkor 35/2