The Big Chill, Series

This is only the second series of photographs I have posted.  Here I have captured the remnants of the monster storm that swept through New England over the last few days.  Deep snow was followed by a deep temperature drop leaving God’s art in the ice.  I received an invite to join my dear friends Butch Lombardi and Lisa Greany Raiola for a morning shoot, hoping to capture morning sea mist on the ocean.  The conditions didn’t give us that phenomenon.  Regardless, it was great fun.  Both of them share the great love for photography that I do.  Butch and Lisa are lovers of nature’s beauty and wildlife. Our photography centric talks are wonderful.  Today the subject of photo bloopers came up.  Having more of those than Carter’s liver pills, it was nice to know I am not alone.  The conditions at the sea were overwhelmingly cold.  I could only bear shooting from the beach for a short time.  My face was pained from the punishing wind.  From the beach I walked to the fishing port and finished my shooting there.  These images were shot with my Fuji X100F, a camera that I love.  It is especially good in conditions faced today being light and easily worked with from its old film camera-like controls.  I shot primarily in black and white playing with the shadows, and mixed in a few shots with color.  Many thanks to Butch and Lisa for letting me tag along.

7 thoughts on “The Big Chill, Series

  1. kali66nz says:

    some impressive shots here Lou, I love photographing iceforms but never experienced such cold as this!

    1. lasousa2015 says:

      Thank you Kali. I tried to shoot film but with thick gloves it wasn’t working well. Got a few film shots that will be developed when I finish the roll. It takes me a LONG time to finish a roll of 35mm film.


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