Fuji GA645 Professional — A Marvel

The light was very flat on this late afternoon. I shot these images using Ilford FP4 since the highest shutter speed for the Fuji is (I think) 700 and this film gave me more latitude with aperture settings. The controls are all well laid out, ISO can be set manually and there is a nice dial for exposure compensation. I think I should have bumped the exposure a bit, something I will take into account as I learn the metering habits of the camera better.
This statue of Roger Williams overlooks the City from Prospect Hill Park. His theories in founding Rhode Island revolved around tolerance, something in very short supply here and there and everywhere.

This is the first time I have shot in the 6 X 4.5 format, and the first time I have used an autofocus camera in this format.  That alone makes shooting this wonder a unique experience.  I got 17 shots out of a roll of 120 and every one of the negatives is well exposed and sharp.  Try as I might, this rarely happens when I shoot medium format manual focus cameras.  I guess this camera is a lot smarter and more talented than I am! The lens is bitingly sharp and very contrasty.  I was hoping to take this camera on an upcoming trip out west, alas the trip is not to be.

The camera has a fixed 60mm lens with a maximum aperture of F4 and a top shutter speed of 700.  Unless shooting landscapes, I will be using slower film with this camera.  Focusing is quick and the metering system is quite reliable.

It is a concession to surrender to an autofocus camera.  A big part of shooting film is in imparting one’s instinct to the process.  I must admit, it was fun to shoot without having to think so much.  It’s not like I spend a lot of time pondering manually made images, since I usually see and shoot pretty quickly.  This camera took away a few of the steps and let me concentrate more on content.  Very enjoyable, and I will be using this camera very much from here on out.

As with all older cameras, this one has a quirk.  Holding it with a normal grip, the image is made in portrait mode.  I usually don’t shoot in this mode, but it did come in handy for a portrait of a fisherman I met on the Providence River boardwalk.  He hauled in a nice sized pogie after we chatted and I took his picture.  Images, including his, will be uploaded as they are scanned.

The Narragansett Electric (now National Grid) power plant on the Providence River. The riverfront is undergoing a large transformation with many new buildings being made, and a footbridge under construction connecting the east and west shores of the river. Fishermen always gather in this spot in the late afternoon.
Love Locks
This is the only shot where I opened up the aperture. The falloff is nice and gradual.
The sharpness of this lens is on par with any other great lens I have used.

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