Without Limits

I did not have a great deal of time today, but I took a ride to Ocean Avenue in Newport.  The light was harsh from the noon sun.  I intended to do some long exposures of the sea, but there was no wind and no waves.  I feel very connected to Newport.  My mother’s family settled there in the late 1800’s after initially emigrating from Ireland to Oneida, New York.  I have pictures of my great grandfather standing in front of his Irish market with a handlebar mustache and leg of lamb hanging on the front of the store.  And pictures of my grandfather riding in a horse and buggy.  My grandfather passed away at a young age, leading my mother’s family into a good amount of turmoil.  Because of it, I really don’t know any of the many relatives I have in the City.  I am sure there are many.

Expanse of the Sea

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