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I am a restless soul when it comes to camera gear.  I switched to the Fuji X system 5 years ago to accomodate motorcycle touring.  The Nikon gear I had was way too heavy.  I got tired of the Fuji system, not that it was not very good.  I was not particularly happy with the colors being produced out of the camera, and for the seaside shooting I do the gear was a bit too fragile.  So I traded in the whole kaboodle for a Nikon D850 and 2 lenses along with a film scanning attachment.  I can’t say economically it was a good result, but photographically I feel like I am home again for digital imagery.   The colors from the Nikon are perfect for my taste.  I can use all my great legacy Nikon glass to boot.  Today, I spent the beautiful sunny afternoon at Lloyd’s Beach, capturing images of the sea, and some from the fishing village.  I have been to this place countless times.  It is my favorite place on earth.  For the seascapes I used a Nikon 20mm F4 AI, a lens I have always loved and Galen Rowell did too.  It has beautiful colors and contrast, with pleasing flare.  The dynamic range of the D850 is off the charts, leading one to favor the highlights, knowing there is tons of detail available in the shadows.  It permits an entirely different approach to digital photography.  I also shot a roll of Konica Centurion expired film and will develop that along with a few other rolls tomorrow.   I have not been shooting much at all lately, extremely occupied from my job.  I carry my film camera with me every day, and without fail I carry it home without opening the bag.  Things are breaking up a bit so I will have more free time in the next few weeks.

For the image I chose as the “featured” one, this chair has been sitting in the same spot for many months.  I waited to photograph it until today.   I am going to go back tomorrow and take another of myself sitting in the chair.  I am not very comfortable in front of the camera ironically.  I will don some colorful clothes and see if something pleasing can be created, with me in the image.

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