Her Majesty

These images were shot at a place I frequent often, Peter’s Antiques at Tiverton Four Corners. For some reason, I have not shot Kodak TriX in a long time from dabbling with all manner of film stocks. These images make me wonder why I shoot any other black and white film. As far as this marvelous old Rolleiflex goes, she and I are in unison. Sometimes, especially in low light situations I miss focus (image of the duck sculpture) but generally it works well for me. On this day I ventured into a cafe and was surrounded by people wanting to see and hold her. I have them look into the viewfinder and bring the scene into sharp focus and inevitably there is a gasp of delight. I do use the meter and it remains accurate after all this time, supplemented by instinctual tweaks. I absolutely love my Rolleiflex.

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