Rolleiflex and FP4

This camera is a complete extension of my eye. It is simple, and the images are elegant. I tried using Ilford DDX chemical. Since the tap water would not cool, I developed these at 75 degrees for 8 minutes.

3 thoughts on “Rolleiflex and FP4

  1. Reinhold Graf says:

    Maybe I‘m overlooking something, but the title says ‚Rolleiflex and FP4‘, but all your images have the titles‚Pentax 645‘. I‘m a little bit confused 😉

    1. lasousa2015 says:

      Hi, I had the wrong title set up in the scanner from a prior scan. Thanks for the alert, will fix!

    2. lasousa2015 says:

      Hi Reinhold, the problem of image naming has continued. Thanks for pointing it out. It has something to do with the import module I have to change. Hope you are well, Louis.


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