Arista EDU 400

This roll was sent to me by James Tocchio of Casual Photophile. After development the line was full of dust. Usually I run the shower with hot water first to quell the nuisance, but this time I did not. It’s a hassle to remove. Since I cannot get tap water temp to 68, I had to estimate less development time at the tap temp of 72. I took 30 seconds off maybe right, probably wrong. Ilford DDX at 11 min 30 sec, 72 is degrees. I had to play with these a bit in post processing, first to remove the copious dust, then for creative purposes. What I end up with are imperfect digital images, something I am perfectly happy with. The images were shot with a Leica M3 Double Stroke and 50 Dual Summicron lens – A gift from a neighbor. The camera was not used much during its life, but the lens was affected by a fair amount of hazing. I sent the lens to DAG camera for CLE. The jury is out on it nonetheless. . This lens is not necessarily a landscape lens, but it was on the camera, so….I will do a bit of research to determine the “element for its elements”…..Either this M3’s shutter speeds or my guess of what they should be are off kilter. Many shots were underexposed, having been shot in overcast or dying light using a film I haven’t used before. I just found another roll of exposed film (Rollei RPX 80, shot with an unknown camera) sitting in the bottom of a bin used to store my batteries. There may or may not be images on it, soon to see.

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