Hands Up

2 thoughts on “Hands Up

  1. Maureen Splaine says:

    Big Lou. Tonight I was just trying to connect with You on FB, again! And the Places, and Pages, and Pictures, Etc, that I have Not Seen Before; have literally taken my Breath Away! And as I Text You this Message, I can Barely see Through My Tears.
    I have Told You Several times, what an Amazing Photographer that You are, what you have become. But today, Reading, and Seeing Your Blog, and Truly Understanding Victoria’s Light and The the Impact She is Having on this Entire World, Because of YOU, Their are No Words Lou.
    You are an Amazing Human Being. I Love You So Much. I Am So Proud that You are my Brother/in Law.
    You make Me want to be a Better Person.
    Thank You Lou.


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