A life lived

This man has intense features. I am sure he has stories to tell. His features leave no doubt of this. I wish I had the courage to ask him to sit for some portraits. And I wish I had my camera with me. Of all times to forget it at home! Shot on iPhone.

Pablo Having an Espresso

I am flitting through old images. There are some pleasing ones in there. For the next few days I’ll post the ones I enjoy the most. Seeing the images today bring back moments in time wandering with my camera. The images remind me how important photography has been and will be to me. This image…

Shot with Dave Splaine’s Camera

These images were shot with my father in law’s camera. We lost Dave in December and he is sorely missed. Dave used this Olympus Zoom point and shoot film camera to win the Providence Journal Photography Contest some years back. The winning image was shot while he and Dolores were cruising on “Smooth”, their beautiful…

Van’s Spa, a Bristol Institution

Around these parts we have a collection of what are called Bristol Characters. Manny Rego fits squarely within the Character Club. His diner is splattered wall to wall with newspaper clippings of sports events, things political, photographs and all manner of other stuff. One could spend days flitting around the walls while munching on the…

Rolling Review of the FujiFilm X100V

I owned a motorcycle and wanted a lighter kit for touring. I changed my gear to Fuji interchangeable for weight savings. I had already owned the original X100. I stayed with the Fuji system for about 5 years. I have since stopped motorcycling and returned to Nikon DSLR. I have owned every model of the…


I shot these with my Toyo 4×5. It was as spur of the moment as shooting in this method can be. Unfortunately I think I smudged the negatives with a fingerprint either when loading or removing the film so I had to do some editing in photoshop. Because of movement in the surrounding plants from…

Pink Flamingo

This was shot with a Zeiss 50mm F 1.5 M mount lens. I think my copy suffers from some focus shift, a common problem with this unusual lens. The issue is not evident here though.

The Nose Knows

When we were kids we used to peel these seeds apart and stick them on our noses.

Morning Walk, Downtown Bristol

It is a beautiful day in Bristol. I met Keith Maloney and his wonderful golden retriever Fenway and some new neighbors Don and Denise in the secret garden at Angelina’s Cafe.

Man and His Dog

Shot at Angelina’s Coffee Shop a block from my home, my favorite place. I am the scone guinea pig. My current favorite is blueberry, goat cheese and vanilla scone.

At the Coffee Exchange

I miss going to cafes the most from this awful pandemic.  These images were taken at the Coffee Exchange just before the virus went into full bloom.  I relied on the camera’s meter, an Olympus OM4.  The lighting conditions were difficult and I had to cool the images off some in Lightroom.  Even imperfect images…

Shots from Benefit Street

I stopped on the way home for a coffee at a great cafe on Benefit Street.  My office has been on this street since 1983.  Shooting in cafes is a favorite of mine and the beautiful architecture too.  I shot these images with the great Ricoh GRIII.  I wish it had a built-in viewfinder.

Film Washi

My first roll (35mm) was a complete comedy show from all the mistakes I made.  This one had its share of travails also.  I do like these images, shot with a Rollei 2.8F.  They were made with Film Washi paper film.  I really like how the striations of the paper show through and it is…

Purple Haze

Oh boy, I mixed fresh color chemicals and don’t think I let the temperature settle enough.   On top of it, I got something on the film during development, maybe a thin sliver of the film from trimming…. This image was one I had high hopes for, and regardless of the color shifts and magenta/purple…

Mona Lisa

I met Carol and her husband today in the Beehive Cafe.  We all agreed she resembles Mona Lisa!  Wonderful person….My webpage introduction references I “tired” of shooting digital imagery.  That was before I started shooting with the Leica M240 and the 35 and 50 Summicron.  While the Leica digital images don’t have film’s distinct character,…

Cup A Jo

I have led a full life so far.  My professional life is rife with blasts of frenetic activity.  That aspect has reaped rewards on many levels, the most important being from a job well done.  On a personal level like all of us there have been ups, downs and in-betweens.  My ups and downs lean…


Shot in my usual haunt, a coffee shop.

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