P 67 at Angelinas

This was shot using my Reality So Subtle 6X12 pinhole camera Pentax 67.  It took a bit of editing in LR but the rendering is pleasing to my eye.  I can’t recall how long I set the camera up on the table.  Film is Portra 400.  I thought this was a pinhole image but when I unrolled the negatives realized it was not…Too sharp for a pinhole.  The pinhole 6X12 negatives are huge!Angelinas Window-3

4 thoughts on “P 67 at Angelinas

  1. Martin Chapman Fromm says:

    Hey, nice image. How did you meter and where? I like that you’ve not overblown the window outdoor scene. Would be great to see the LR unedited version vs this one. I’ve no issue with finessing a colour film shot in LR 🙂 Love my Pentax 67 too.

    1. lasousa2015 says:

      Hi, I don’t remember how or if I metered. I recall lifting the shadows in LR. There was a big difference in light between the window and walls. Unedited version is without much of the wall color. P 67 is fantastic.

    2. lasousa2015 says:

      There was some ambient light from inside of the room too. It’s been a while, I have shot this window and other things in this cafe many times, it’s a great place. Used to be like a punk rock place, now standard fare cafe….I liked it better before! Thank you so much for taking interest in this image. I checked out your page and see you have started a public darkroom. That is great. My friend Jennifer Zehner just did the same in New Jersey (Obscura Darkroom) through a Kickstarter program. We have one in Providence at AS220, an artist’s collaborative. I took the intro, printed exactly one image a few years ago. I would like to learn, but the time involved is not in sync with my life now. I am shooting a Crown Graphic now and the images would like to be printed in the darkroom. Just started with it. The lens’ shutter speeds are not accurate, from shooting 8 images, it appears the speeds I used (125 and under) are all a bit slow. I think shooting it in bulb in preferable until I can get the shutter serviced….Be well, L.


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