Daily Solitary Sojourn

I took Duke and Lilly for a nice walk along the Bristol Waterfront then circled back through the center of Town.  It was lunchtime, and Aidan’s Pub a place normally bustling with a brisk lunch outdoors was ghosted and vacant.  I encountered a total of three people on my walk in Bristol’s usually bustling downtown area.  The experience was like being in one of Rod Sterling’s Twilight Zone episodes.  After doing some work, I took a drive to Sachuest Point and took some sparse imagery of the sea and one image of Hanging Rock where a solitary hiker stood admiring the edifice.  My work days are ragged, often interrupted from daily sojourns to Aquidneck Island, followed by work into the night.  Yesterday I shot some film in addition to digital images, and the finished rolls are piling up in the face of processing malaise.   Until tomorrow, peace and good health.

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